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Splunk Observability Cloud availability in EMEA (eu-west-1)

Splunk has announced regional availability (eu-west-1) to the world’s first end-to-end, enterprise-scale, fully integrated Observability Cloud.

The Observability cloud launched in North America on May 5, 2021, and has already empowered customers to gain more actionable insights, faster, from all their data. For example, Quantum Metric , one of the 2020 unicorns, and a Splunk Cloud Platform customer, used Splunk Observability Cloud to develop applications 96% faster and save nearly $80,000 thanks to better visibility and capacity planning driven by Splunk’s analytics-driven approach to observability.

“Splunk Observability Cloud helps us see our complex environment clearly, enabling us to act on data so we can deliver on our mission to help customers build better products, faster.”       – Glenn Trattner, COO, Quantum Metric

Splunk Observability Cloud helps overcome the complexity of modern infrastructure and applications, and brings together the world’s best solutions for infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, log investigation and incident response. The complete Splunk Observation Cloud includes Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring , Splunk APM , Splunk RUM , Splunk Synthetic Monitoring , Splunk Log Observer and Splunk On-Call. Backed by Splunk’s industry-leading NoSample™ full-fidelity data ingestion, real-time streaming analytics and massive scalability, Splunk Observability Cloud offers unprecedented capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting and resolving business-critical incidents, and enables you to leverage and do more with the log data you’re already collecting.


Take advantage of newly available products

Products recently made available as part of the Splunk Observability Cloud release further illustrate how Splunk can provide unique value for DevOps use cases. Splunk Log Observer delivers the power of Splunk logging to SREs, DevOps engineers and developers who need a real-time, issue-driven logging experience.

Splunk RUM provides the fastest troubleshooting and most comprehensive view of web browser performance. Together, Splunk APM and Splunk RUM provide the only complete end-to-end visibility into the entire user transaction, from browsers to mid-tier and front-end microservices to back-end data stores.

In addition, Splunk Synthetic Monitoring is a new solution integrated with Splunk’s portfolio of observability products. This best-in-class synthetic monitoring solution improves the uptime and performance of APIs, service endpoints, business transactions and user flows. Optimization suggestions are available to improve web application performance, along with ideas for improving Google’s Core Web Vitals .

Splunk Observability Cloud is OpenTelemetry’s only native observability product, designed to collect and correlate all of your metrics, track and log data at scale, without the need for proprietary agents. The OpenTelemetry collector is open source and lightweight, with built-in integrations for all major programming languages. Thanks to OpenTelemetry, you have full control over all your data and only need to instrument once to be able to fully monitor your infrastructure and applications, no matter what the future holds.

Observability Cloud is available to everyone, standalone and to new and existing users/customers. The Splunk Cloud Platform is the gateway to Splunk’s cloud-based portfolio of services that include Observability Cloud. If you already have Splunk, consider how you can bolster your existing investment and extend the power of your data for better operational efficiency with observability.

If you’re not already on Splunk Cloud, make the switch today to take advantage of Observability Cloud and future Splunk cloud-based services, while freeing yourself from managing a Splunk instance.


Simplified pricing helps customers address larger volumes of data

Unlike many monitoring products that have confusing pricing with hundreds of variables and choices you must make. Splunk Observability Cloud offers clear host-based pricing metrics directly tied to the value IT and DevOps teams can realize.

Source: Splunk Blog


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