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IT Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience working on IT consulting projects around Europe and Latin America, our team of highly skilled consultants provides advice and assistance based on our extensive experience and best practices in IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Cybersecurity and Observability and Application Performance Management (APM) solutions.

Our goal as a company specialized in IT consulting and cybersecurity is to turn our clients’ data into valuable information for the entire company, helping them to make the most of their resources and improve their performance and operational efficiency.

Our IT consulting services include

Technical Assessment and process improvement proposals

Security posture analysis and improvement

Project management

Architecture design

Customer success manager

Implementation and use case suggestions

Creation and management of alarms, reports, visualizations, and statistics in real-time

Implementation and design of solutions for monitoring and control of IT operations, cybersecurity, business analytics, APM and DevOps

En Panorama IT, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity consulting to identify your potential vulnerabilities and provide solutions.


What are the benefits of hiring an IT consulting firm specialized in cybersecurity services?

Hiring an IT consulting company specializing in cybersecurity services such as Panorama IT provides companies with access to highly trained experts and best practices in information security, which helps companies’ critical data and systems to be better protected against cyber threats.

How can a cybersecurity IT consulting help a company identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in its IT infrastructure?

A cybersecurity IT consulting conducts comprehensive security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in a company’s IT infrastructure and provides effective recommendations and solutions to mitigate the identified risks.

What are the key services that a cybersecurity company offers to its clients?

Key services offered by a cybersecurity company include security assessments, penetration testing, security incident management, implementation of security controls, security awareness and training, and threat monitoring and incident response.

How many years of experience do Panorama IT consultants have?

Our certified consultants have more than 20 years of experience working on IT consulting projects in Europe and Latam.

How can a cybersecurity IT consulting help a company meet regulatory and legal compliance requirements?

A cybersecurity IT consulting can help a company assess its regulatory and legal compliance, identify gaps, and implement security and prevention measures needed to comply with applicable regulations, such as GDPR, Data Protection Act, etc.

What are the advantages of outsourcing my cybersecurity services to Panorama IT?

Outsourcing cybersecurity services to an IT consulting like us allows companies to access specialized expertise without the need to maintain a dedicated in-house team, which saves costs, provides flexibility, and ensures a professional approach to protecting the company’s digital assets.

In which countries does PanoramaIT offer its cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and observability solutions?

We offer our cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, observability, and IT consulting solutions in Spain and Latam.

What are the main challenges in terms of cybersecurity and how can an IT consulting help address them?

Major cybersecurity challenges include malware threats, hacker attacks and data breaches. A specialized IT consulting with Panorama IT can help implement proactive security measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and staff awareness, to protect the company’s digital assets.

What is the importance of having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and how can Panorama IT contribute to its development?

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is essential to protect confidential information and ensure business continuity. An IT consulting can assess the specific needs of the company, design a customized strategic plan, and provide advice on the most effective security solutions.

What are the cybersecurity benefits of performing penetration testing in my company?

Penetration testing helps identify vulnerabilities in a company’s systems before cybercriminals exploit them. An expert IT consulting can perform ethical penetration testing, identify weaknesses, and provide recommendations to strengthen the security of the IT infrastructure.

How can an IT consulting help a company respond to and recover from cyber security incidents?

A specialized IT consulting can help a company establish incident response plans, implement mitigation measures, and conduct forensic investigations to identify the source and extent of a security incident. This enables a rapid and effective response to minimize the impact on business operations and accelerate recovery.

We’re like the ‘Google Maps’ of technology: we guide you through the intricate IT world, so you never get lost in cyberspace
Our team has more years of experience than the first public version of the Mac OS X operating system Steve Jobs introduced. There’s no challenge we can’t face!
Together, we have so much experience that we could spend days telling ‘blue screen’ stories around the campfire. But we’d rather not be boring 🙂

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