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Optimizing Security in the Software Development Lifecycle with Xygeni

At Panorama Technologies, we recognize the essentiality of integrating security measures into all stages of software development. As a Xygeni partner, we focus on strengthening the software supply chain, from detailed monitoring of security posture to safeguarding against malicious code. Xygeni offers a complete solution that secures all aspects of software security, protecting your infrastructure and applications from inception to delivery.

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DevSecOps Focused Success Stories

Adopting DevSecOps practices with Xygeni has led our customers, from financial institutions to industrial manufacturers, to achieve robust security across the entire Software Development Life Cycle. These success stories highlight how Xygeni has enabled organizations to effectively integrate security into their SDLC, protecting against attacks and vulnerabilities in their software supply chain.

The implementation of Xygeni through Panorama Technologies has enabled our customers not only to improve their security and operational efficiency, but also to ensure DORA compliance. Xygeni is instrumental in maintaining an up-to-date software inventory and performing detailed security analysis, thus contributing to regulatory compliance and more effective risk management.

DORA Compliance and Security Optimization

Leadership in IaC Security and Malicious Code Analysis

Xygeni is distinguished by its ability to deliver IaC Security (Infrastructure-as-Code Security), protecting IaC templates and configurations against vulnerabilities. In addition, Xygeni’s solution for malicious code analysis ensures that applications are free of threats, reinforcing security in every software component.

By choosing Xygeni with Panorama Technologies, you get the backing of a team dedicated to cyber security excellence. Our customized approach to Xygeni implementation and optimization ensures that the solution fits your needs perfectly, maximizing efficiency and return on investment.

Panorama Technologies Commitment and Expertise

Secure Your Digital Future with Panorama Technologies and Xygeni

Opting for Xygeni through Panorama Technologies means choosing a path to advanced software security. We are ready to join you in the challenge of protecting your software supply chain, ensuring that every step in your technology development is fortified against cyber threats.

At Panorama IT we perform a complete cybersecurity consulting to detect your potential vulnerabilities and propose solutions.