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Datadog Training

We are proud to offer training services led by our certified consultants, ready to deliver high quality technical trainings.

We offer training in Datadog technology. We have courses such as Datadog Technical Specialist and Datadog Support Specialist, designed to improve technical skills and support capabilities related to Datadog technology.

We also train and transfer knowledge from executed projects, ensuring that our clients gain practical and applicable knowledge from real experience.

Our courses are prepared and taught entirely in Spanish:

Datadog Training: Individual or for groups.

Technical Specialist

Support Specialist

Other solutions

Datadog is a powerful SaaS data analysis platform that replaces multiple monitoring products with a unified solution. Ideal for real-time decision making on your IT infrastructure.

With Datadog we help developers and operations teams see their entire infrastructure (cloud, servers, applications, services, metrics and more) in one place, allowing them to solve problems faster and more efficiently, eliminate communication silos and achieve DevOps goals.

Our platform will allow you to consolidate your monitoring tools into a single intuitive interface, facilitating real-time data collection and visualization.

In addition, we offer training and certification services in Datadog technology, ensuring that your team is properly trained to take full advantage of all its capabilities. With Datadog your company will be equipped with the necessary tools to optimize the monitoring of your IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and ensure business continuity.

Splunk is an end-to-end platform that enables future state routing, analytics, and data visualization in your enterprise.

With Splunk we solve many of the most important challenges throughout the entire data lifecycle: searching, monitoring, and analyzing, and integrating them into an easy and intuitive web interface.

Splunk's goal is to make Big Data accessible to the entire organization, enabling pattern identification, measurement, problem diagnosis and intelligence provisioning.

In addition, we provide training and certification services in Splunk technology, to ensure that your team has the necessary skills to use and manage this powerful tool effectively. With Splunk, your company will be prepared to address current and future data analytics challenges.

Sonatype is open-source management software that focuses on automating and ensuring the security of the entire software supply chain used in application development and services.

As cybersecurity experts, we have a mission to protect digital assets and ensure that software development processes are secure from start to finish. With Sonatype, we provide cybersecurity services that help enhance security and speed in development cycles. Our platform offers comprehensive and efficient management of the software supply chain, allowing the identification and mitigation of risks, vulnerabilities, and threats throughout the application lifecycle.

Additionally, our IT support team is available to provide expert assistance and guidance on the use and configuration of Sonatype, ensuring safe and reliable operation of your IT infrastructure.

Vectra is a powerful real-time threat detection and response platform based on artificial intelligence.

With Vectra, at Panorama IT, we use advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and alert on potential cyberattacks before encryption occurs, drastically reducing response time. Thanks to our Machine Learning algorithms that combine Deep Learning and neural networks, alerts inform you of the attack methods being used in real-time.

Our automated technology based on Vectra allows early and accurate detection of cyber threats, ensuring timely responses to minimize risks and potential damage. We harness the full potential of artificial intelligence to provide greater protection against constantly evolving threats.

The Noname security platform is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects APIs and detects their vulnerabilities in real-time.

APIs were the number one attack vector in 2022, according to Gartner, and they need to be protected. The Noname security platform allows organizations to mitigate this risk, with the ability to connect to any environment (cloud, hybrid, or on-premise).

Noname enables a complete inventory of all APIs, including legacy and shadow APIs, with precise data classification. We identify configuration errors and vulnerabilities in source code, network configuration, and security policies. Additionally, Noname offers runtime protection through behavior-based models, allowing real-time threat detection in APIs.

To ensure maximum security, we provide automated and semi-automated blocking and correction of identified threats. We also conduct continuous vulnerability testing on APIs, allowing us to identify and mitigate risks before they become issues. With automated and dynamic testing development, Noname ensures seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure.

As a cybersecurity company, at Panorama IT, we provide robust IT support and ensure that our customers always receive assistance.

Lacework is a cybersecurity platform and automatic anomaly detection that provides visibility, context, and security in a multi-cloud environment, all from a single platform.

With Lacework, we harness the potential of machine learning, behavior analysis, and anomaly detection to discover threats, misconfigurations, and outliers in environments such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes.

The Polygraph data platform can identify and alert on potential risks and vulnerabilities in real-time. With Lacework, we can help you optimize your cloud security strategy, improve compliance, facilitate incident investigation, and reduce the workload of your security and DevOps teams.

Trust Panorama IT's cybersecurity services to protect your assets in the cloud and ensure a secure and reliable environment for your digital operations.

Tenable is a cybersecurity platform that provides broad visibility into cyber risk, including on-premises IT infrastructure, Active Directory, and the cloud environment.

Tenable is the world's first Cyber Exposure platform and a pioneer in the IT vulnerability management market.

With Tenable, we ensure your cloud, containers, OT devices, and traditional IT assets are secure. It provides in-depth analysis that allows you to make more informed security decisions. With Tenable, you can identify and assess vulnerabilities and threats in your IT infrastructure and gain a clear view of the risks you face.

Panorama IT's cybersecurity services are designed to help organizations strengthen their security posture and efficiently protect their digital assets.


What kind of training do we offer at Panorama IT?

In our company we offer training in IT solutions for both Europe and Latam. Our catalog includes courses on platforms such as Splunk and technologies such as Datadog. We provide training both individually and in groups, adapting to the needs of our customers.

What is the advantage of training with us?

The advantage is that we focus on transferring practical and applicable knowledge, based on our real-world experience in executed projects. This ensures that customers gain knowledge that can be put to immediate use in their companies and helps them solve the most important challenges in data analysis and visualization, as well as in monitoring and management of applications and systems, among others.

What is the training methodology you use?

Our training methodology is based on a practical and participatory approach. We use practical exercises, case studies and real examples to ensure that participants acquire solid and applicable knowledge. In addition, we have highly trained instructors with extensive experience in the field who will guide participants through the learning process.

How can I contract training for my company?

Accessing our training is easy. You can contact us through our Web form, briefly explaining the type of training required, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will provide you with detailed information about each course, including dates, modality (classroom or virtual), duration and objectives. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality training experience that meets your requirements.

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