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Unprecedented Holistic View of Cloud Security

At Panorama Technologies, we understand the importance of having a holistic view of your cloud environment. As an Orca Security partner, we employ their innovative “SideScanning™” technology to give you complete visibility into your cloud assets, without the need for intrusive agents. This non-intrusive approach facilitates a smooth transition to Orca, focusing you on the essentials: a robust and reliable cloud security solution.

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Intelligent Prioritization for Decisive Action

It is not enough to detect risks; the key is to identify those that require immediate attention. Orca Security, a leader in the field of cloud security, excels in contextual risk prioritization, allowing you to optimize your resources and ensure effective protection with the least amount of effort.

Orca Security transcends traditional solutions by inspecting data at rest, providing an additional layer of security. This unique capability reveals hidden vulnerabilities and critical data exposures that other tools may ignore, strengthening your security from the ground up.

Deep Protection with Data-at-Rest Analysis

Adaptability for the Cloud Era with CNAPP

Orca Security is positioned as a Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), providing comprehensive coverage in multi-cloud environments. This adaptability ensures that no matter how your business evolves, Orca and Panorama Technologies will evolve with you, protecting your cloud assets as you grow and diversify.

The collaboration between Panorama Technologies and Orca Security goes beyond the implementation of advanced technology; it is about forging a strategic alliance focused on your security. We customize the implementation and configuration of Orca to suit the specific needs of your company, complemented with specialized training and consulting to maximize the return on your investment in cloud security.

More than a Tool, a Strategic Security Ally

Choose the Panorama Technologies and Orca Security Alliance

By choosing Orca with the support of Panorama Technologies, you choose a safe and secure digital future. Together, we will meet the challenges of cybersecurity, ensuring the integrity and protection of what you value most every step of the way.

At Panorama IT we perform a complete cybersecurity consulting to detect your potential vulnerabilities and propose solutions.