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Observability and APM solutions
for your company

Panorama IT offers observability and APM (Application Performance Management) services that provide end-to-end visibility for security teams, operations, and developers, generating greater job satisfaction. Up to 8 times faster code release.

Observability is having full, real-time visibility, providing a complete understanding of performance and potential anomalies in your applications. We continuously monitor containers, allowing us to proactively identify any deviations or unusual behavior. In addition, we perform automated security compliance testing, ensuring that your infrastructure meets the highest security standards and mitigating potential risks.

With a clear view of the critical aspects of your infrastructure, you can make informed decisions and correct potential problems before they affect end users.

Rely on our observability and APM services for a comprehensive solution that supports the growth and success of your business.

We monitor critical aspects of your infrastructure, providing complete real-time visibility into performance and proactively identifying anomalies.

How to implement Observability and track APM?

To implement observability and track application performance and user experience, it is necessary to use monitoring and analytical tools for logs, metrics, and traces to obtain a complete view of the software and IT infrastructure. In addition, we can help you with our cybersecurity services to identify performance issues, optimize application performance and ensure an optimal user experience.


DevOps Application and Process Monitoring

  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Container and microservices monitoring
  • Serverless function monitoring
  • Service and dependency mapping
  • NoSample™ Capture of metrics, traces, and logs from any source, in real-time
  • Application lifecycle analysis
  • Code error detection
  • Source and third-party code quality
  • Management of KPIs, SLAs and SLOs
  • DevSecOps
  • Use of Machine Learning for automatic anomaly detection.

Productive and Collaborative User Experience Monitoring

  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Automated troubleshooting with AI-based analysis
  • Real-time flow analysis
  • Transactional monitoring

Observability solutions

Splunk is an end-to-end platform that enables future state routing, analytics, and data visualization in your enterprise.

With Splunk we solve many of the most important challenges throughout the entire data lifecycle: searching, monitoring, and analyzing, and integrating them into an easy and intuitive web interface.

Splunk's goal is to make Big Data accessible to the entire organization, enabling pattern identification, measurement, problem diagnosis and intelligence provisioning.

In addition, we provide training and certification services in Splunk technology, to ensure that your team has the necessary skills to use and manage this powerful tool effectively. With Splunk, your company will be prepared to address current and future data analytics challenges.

Datadog is a powerful SaaS data analysis platform that replaces multiple monitoring products with a unified solution. Ideal for real-time decision making on your IT infrastructure.

With Datadog we help developers and operations teams see their entire infrastructure (cloud, servers, applications, services, metrics and more) in one place, allowing them to solve problems faster and more efficiently, eliminate communication silos and achieve DevOps goals.

Our platform will allow you to consolidate your monitoring tools into a single intuitive interface, facilitating real-time data collection and visualization.

In addition, we offer training and certification services in Datadog technology, ensuring that your team is properly trained to take full advantage of all its capabilities. With Datadog your company will be equipped with the necessary tools to optimize the monitoring of your IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and ensure business continuity.


What is observability and how can it improve the efficiency and performance of our applications and systems?

Observability is the ability to understand and measure the internal state of software systems and IT infrastructure through the collection and analysis of relevant data. By implementing an observability solution, an organization can identify and fix performance issues, optimize the efficiency of applications and systems, and take proactive steps to improve the security and stability of its IT infrastructure.


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How can I detect and fix performance problems in my systems before they affect end users?

To detect and solve performance problems before they affect users, it is essential to implement observability solutions that allow you to monitor and analyze key metrics and logs of your IT infrastructure and applications in real time. With the support of a cybersecurity company like Panorama IT that specialises in cybersecurity services, you can quickly identify bottlenecks, optimize resources and take proactive measures to maintain the efficiency and security of your systems.

How can I monitor the performance and availability of my applications and systems in real time?

To monitor their performance and availability in real time, you can implement observability tools such as Datadog or Splunk. Think of it as if you were a patient coming to the hospital to be monitored, so that the measured data can be used for diagnosis and subsequent treatment. These solutions allow you to collect and analyze metrics and logs in real time, giving you complete visibility into the health and performance of your IT infrastructure, making it easier to detect problems early and take action to improve cybersecurity and performance.

What are the most commonly used and recommended observability tools?

Some of the most widely used and recommended observability tools are Splunk and Datadog. These tools allow monitoring, analyzing and visualizing data in real time, which helps to improve the observability of software and IT infrastructure.


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What are the key metrics I should measure and analyze to improve the efficiency of my IT infrastructure?

To improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, you must measure and analyze key metrics such as CPU utilization, memory, network bandwidth, storage performance, application response times and security event logs. Observability and the implementation of cybersecurity measures will allow you to obtain a complete view of your IT infrastructure, optimize resources and ensure efficient and secure operation of your systems.

We observe your applications as if they were a reality show, but without drama or leaks
Our radar detects issues in your applications before they become ‘trending topics’ of errors
We’re the Sherlock Holmes of the digital world: we detect problems in your applications that you didn’t even know existed. Elementary, my dear Watson!”

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We monitor critical aspects of your infrastructure, providing complete real-time visibility into performance and proactively identifying anomalies.