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Comprehensive Security and Vulnerability Management Solutions with Tenable

Panorama Technologies, as a Tenable partner, specializes in providing market-leading security and vulnerability assessment solutions. Using the renowned Nessus Solution and Tenable.io, our joint offerings provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s security posture, covering IT, OT and cloud environments, and ensuring end-to-end protection of your most critical assets.

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Transforming Security Across Sectors

Through collaboration with Tenable, Panorama Technologies has empowered customers in diverse sectors, from financial to industrial, to strengthen their security. Tenable’s solutions have been instrumental in conducting detailed vulnerability assessments, protecting organizations from advanced and emerging threats.

Beyond vulnerability management, Tenable solutions offer specialized protection for critical infrastructures such as Active Directory, ensuring a robust defense against attacks and vulnerabilities that can compromise your identity and access systems.

Optimizing Active Directory Security with Tenable

Tangible and Strategic Benefits

By opting for Tenable through Panorama Technologies, customers experience significant improvements in vulnerability detection and remediation, resulting in a noticeable reduction in cyber risk and an increase in security management efficiency. These key benefits not only protect critical assets, but also refine the organization’s overall security posture.

Choosing Tenable solutions with the support of Panorama Technologies means forging a strategic partnership focused on your cybersecurity success. We are proud to offer customized implementation and optimized management of Tenable solutions, backed by customized training and specialized consulting, to maximize your return on investment and ensure effective vulnerability management.

Panorama Technologies’ Exclusive Commitment

Secure your Digital Future with Panorama Technologies and Tenable

Opting for Tenable with the support of Panorama Technologies puts you at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats. Together, we provide the tools, knowledge and support needed to overcome the most complex security challenges, ensuring the integrity and resilience of your organization in today’s digital landscape.

At Panorama IT we perform a complete cybersecurity consulting to detect your potential vulnerabilities and propose solutions.