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Administration and IT support

At Panorama IT we offer a wide range of services that help meet the needs of our customers in the field of cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and observability. We provide administration and IT support services backed by a highly trained and available team to meet the requirements of our customers. We provide advice and IT support based on our extensive experience and best practices in IT infrastructure monitoring, cybersecurity, observability and Application Performance Management (APM) solutions.

Our IT consulting services are provided by consultants with the highest level of certification and more than 20 years of experience working on projects in Europe and Latam.

Our IT consulting services include

8×5 administration


Dedicated resource for monitoring and upgrades

24×7 IT support

Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance

Incident response with various levels of IT support

Level 1 IT support via phone or web platform

En Panorama IT, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity consulting to identify your potential vulnerabilities and provide solutions.


Why do we need to implement IT infrastructure monitoring solutions and what are the benefits for our organization?

The implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring solutions is essential to ensure the stability, efficiency, and security of an organization’s systems, with the backing and IT support of a cybersecurity company and specialized IT consulting services.

How can our cybersecurity solutions and services help protect my business systems and data?

Cybersecurity solutions and services provided by a cybersecurity company can strengthen the protection of an organization’s IT infrastructure, mitigating risks and threats, and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business data.

What are the most common cybersecurity threats encountered by companies?

Some of the most common cybersecurity threats we face in relation to IT infrastructure include malware attacks, ransomware, phishing, social engineering, and software vulnerabilities. Having specialized cybersecurity and IT consulting services can help prevent and mitigate these risks, as well as ensure effective observability of software and infrastructure to detect potential security breaches.

What is the importance of Application Performance Management (APM) and how can it help us identify and solve performance problems in our applications?

Application Performance Management (APM) is crucial for monitoring and optimizing the performance of applications in an organization’s IT infrastructure. Through APM solutions, you can identify and resolve performance issues, improve the user experience, and ensure the security and efficiency of applications, backed by a cybersecurity company and IT consulting services.

What are the risks of not having an adequate monitoring and IT support solution for our IT infrastructure and applications?

Not having an adequate monitoring and IT support solution for an organization’s IT infrastructure and applications can lead to a lack of visibility into potential failures, vulnerabilities, and security threats, increasing the risk of service interruptions, data loss, security breaches and decreased operational efficiency. Having cybersecurity services, IT consulting and observability solutions in place can mitigate these risks and improve the security, stability and performance of infrastructure and applications.

How can we ensure that monitoring and support solutions integrate efficiently with our existing infrastructure and applications?

As a cybersecurity and IT consulting services company, we can assess the current technology architecture, identify integration requirements, and assist with the proper implementation of solutions to ensure complete visibility and efficient management of infrastructure, security and observability.


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What is the importance of implementing a cybersecurity awareness program for employees?

A cybersecurity awareness program helps educate employees about online threats and best practices for protecting sensitive company information, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches.

From which countries can I contact PanoramaIT if I need IT support?

We currently provide service in Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico.

We like to think of ourselves as the superheroes of technology, ready to combat cyberspace villains and keep your infrastructure safe
Our IT support team is like that friend who always answers your calls even at 3 a.m. But we can’t deliver pizza at those hours
Our team has more certifications than Willy Fog has passport stamps

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