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IT infrastructure solutions
for your company

Did you know that 78% of organizations had an IT service interruption in the last three years? A recent study by the Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey, claimed that as IT infrastructures become more complex, the likelihood of outages increases.

At Panorama IT we specialize in comprehensive services for your IT infrastructure that address this problem at its root. We offer a complete end-to-end view and correlated systems, which boosts the agility and reliability of applications and your IT infrastructure. We help you collect and analyze data from your stack, providing you with a deep understanding of your technology environment, and facilitate decision making.

Are you ready to manage the modernization of your IT operation?

Our services include comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring and rapid incident resolution. We monitor your on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments, database components, servers, cloud migration and multicloud services, as well as network health and remote working.

We use advanced AIOps techniques to monitor critical services, foresee interruptions and control performance. In addition, we take care of KPIs and SLAs compliance, and offer capacity planning generation and design services to optimize resource utilization.

We collect and analyze data for an end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure, enabling quick decision-making and incident resolution.

IT infrastructure monitoring and incident resolution

  • Monitoring of on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments
  • Database component monitoring
  • Server health status
  • Cloud migration
  • Multicloud services monitoring
  • Network health monitoring
  • Remote work monitoring

AIOps and service monitoring

  • Monitoring of critical services and availability
  • Prediction of service or operation interruptions
  • Performance control
  • Compliance with KPIs, SLAs, etc.
  • Capacity planning generation and design
  • ATM – ATM status and performance


What is the most secure data storage option for my company - cloud or local servers?

The choice between data storage in the cloud or on local servers depends on your specific business needs and cybersecurity requirements.

The cloud offers scalability, flexibility, and access from any location, but you must ensure that you implement adequate cybersecurity measures to access and protect access to your data.

On-premises servers can provide greater control and privacy but require an upfront investment and ongoing maintenance to ensure efficiency and security.

Whether in a cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment, it is essential to have the specialized services of a cybersecurity company to ensure the protection of your data and the observability of your IT infrastructure.

How can I optimize the performance of my servers and networks?

To optimize the performance of your servers and networks, it is essential to implement IT infrastructure and software observability and monitoring solutions to identify potential bottlenecks, measure performance in real time and proactively detect problems. In addition, you should make sure to always keep your systems up to date, properly configure resources and apply cybersecurity best practices, which will contribute to improving the efficiency and security of your servers and networks.

Why is it advisable to have a backup and disaster recovery solution?

Backup and disaster recovery solutions include the use of cloud storage services along with backup and recovery tools. Complementing these solutions with observability practices and cybersecurity measures will allow you to protect your data and ensure rapid recovery in the event of incidents or disasters.

What security measures should I take to protect my devices and servers?

To protect your devices and servers, it is essential to implement security measures such as keeping software updated and patched, using advanced cybersecurity solutions, properly configuring access permissions, enforcing strong password policies, performing regular backups, and employing observability tools to monitor and detect potential threats in real time. These actions will help strengthen the cybersecurity of your IT infrastructure and keep it protected against potential attacks.

How can I keep my IT infrastructure up to date and ready for current and future challenges?

To keep your IT infrastructure up to date and aligned with the latest technologies, it is essential to perform regular security and performance assessments, implement observability solutions for real-time visibility, and have cybersecurity services that help you identify and adopt the latest practices and technologies in the IT infrastructure and cybersecurity space. Only then will your IT infrastructure be prepared to face all current and upcoming challenges.

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Recopilamos y analizamos los datos para una visión extremo a extremo de tu infraestructura IT, para una rápida toma de decisiones y resolución de incidentes.