Panorama Technologies partner of Vectra AI in Spain

Inspired to work with the best technology solutions in the market and strengthen our cybersecurity offering to our customers, we announce our partnership with Vectra AI. A leader in AI-powered detection of malicious behavior in the network.

Vectra, Network Detection and Response (NDR) Platform detects and prioritizes alerts in real-time and proactively puts the most relevant information at your fingertips; enabling the security team to quickly conduct investigations and build a customized analysis of malicious behaviors within the cloud, data center, network, IoT, IaaS, and SaaS.

Attack behaviors vary, so Vectra continuously creates unique algorithmic models to elicit the widest range of new and current threat scenarios. With performance far beyond human capabilities, Vectra gives you a clear advantage over adversaries by detecting, clustering, prioritizing, and anticipating attacks.

NDR is critical to security because it helps complement the SOC, you get visibility from the cloud to the physical infrastructure as it integrates with EDR and SIEM. This allows eliminating security breaches and obtaining instant information to prevent threats before they cause damage.

Would you like to automate the detection and response to cyber threats and stop security breaches, to protect your data?