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Banking Company Gains Visibility into Operational Flows, Enabling Better Business Decision-Making

Executive Summary

A prominent banking company in Latin America, offering financial support services such as bank accounts, payroll services, and loans, initiated a digital transformation project to launch a mobile platform. This platform would enable users to perform tasks like opening accounts and checking balances without waiting in physical branch queues. They chose Splunk as their partner for monitoring their virtual platform, achieving the following:


  • Reduced response times for internal processes.
  • Identified account creation denials.
  • Identified error quantities and root causes during specific timeframes of the day.
  • Gained visibility into the company’s entire cross-functional operation.
Use Cases
Impacted Areas
Integrated data sources
Results and achievements

Achieving monitoring to obtain traceability of the entire Onboarding operation flow in order to identify failures in each of the processes involved, measure transaction times, and obtain appropriate metrics for the operation. With all of the above, the goal was to identify real-time situations that could affect the end consumer’s experience.

  • Visibility of service health.

  • Development of a specialized module to search for users by criteria.

  • Reducing the impact of delays in service response times.

  • Development of reports for each operation flow.

  • Monitoring database transaction components.

  • Monitoring VPN availability.

  • IT Infrastructure

  • Monitoring

  • Development

  • Business

  • Channels

  • Database records

  • Application logs

  • Openshift logs (Red Hat)

  • Indexing response to continuous telnet script to an IP and port

Comprehensive monitoring of their operational flows, including traceability and a complete overview of the business, allowed the bank to anticipate and resolve issues. With Splunk, they reduced response times for operations performed in the bank’s applications. They segmented each flow and can now conduct detailed analyses of the causes of failures, proactively respond to defined alerts within their thresholds, and create synergy among the different areas involved in the process: infrastructure, monitoring, development, and business. All of this was done to provide a better experience for the end customer and translate into increased profits.

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