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Telecommunications Company Achieves Operational Visibility Across Technical and Business Areas, Eliminating Information Silos Created During Day-to-Day Operations

Executive Summary

The telecommunications company is focused on providing services to large and medium-sized businesses through industry-specific solutions. On one hand, it was necessary to provide visibility to the business area, which did not have access to data due to information silos generated during operations. On the other hand, network monitoring, alert generation, and managerial reporting were required. Incidents at the network level were not being monitored in real-time, which resulted in suboptimal response times. Splunk was implemented to proactively manage and oversee their IT infrastructure, with a focus on improving and organizing security monitoring, data integrity, and access control for one or more specific areas within the company.

Use Cases
Impacted Areas
Integrated data sources
Results and achievements
  • Enable end-users to freely search and investigate their data from a single location.

  • Monitor data and provide real-time alerts when specific conditions are met.

  • Identify unusual behaviors in customer information queries.

  • Provide highly effective information and analysis.

  • Provide the ability to create custom views and dashboards for different roles.

  • Demonstrate to the customer that Splunk is compatible with multi-company schemas and is implemented flexibly.

Network Monitoring:

  • Integration with custom technologies developed in-house by the client.
  • Real-time monitoring with alerts for the IT team.

Agent Productivity:

  • Integration with voice recording system for the customer support team.
  • Generation of dashboards and productivity reports for the customer support team.
  • Managerial reports using three sources of business data.

Current Ticketing Status:

  • Verification of the current ticketing status for distribution among various support levels.

Business Visibility:

  • Creation of dashboards for the organization’s executive team.

  • Custom-scheduled reports.

  • Business

  • Customer Support

  • IT Production – Monitoring

  • Voice recording system

  • Salesforce

  • Jira

  • Centreon

  • Databases: SQL, Oracle

  • Reduction in MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve) and MTTI (Mean Time to Identify) for network incidents by providing a real-time investigation platform.

  • Business visibility from multiple perspectives, with the ability to correlate information from more than one area of the company.

  • Tracking agent productivity, with the ability to verify workloads, average resolution times, and other relevant metrics.

  • Expansion to more areas of the company due to the ease of integration and development with Splunk.

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