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Company in the aviation sector achieves visibility over its entire business of offering and selling online tickets

Executive Summary

A prominent international aviation company sought visibility into all its online transactions, including tracking third-party ticket sellers, current offers, customer requests, server errors that may prevent a sale, and web queries. Additionally, they needed a research platform to search for specific errors.
Use Cases
Impacted Areas
Integrated data sources
Results and achievements
  • Understanding internally generated transactional and web flows.

  • Indexing and interpreting custom data that could contain over 100 lines of information each.

  • Providing different levels of visibility to the organization.

Integration of Custom Sources:

  • Integration with the company’s proprietary applications.

  • Deployment of agents that do not impact the core infrastructure.

Operational Visibility:

  • Dashboards with correlations, statistics, and customized KPIs.

  • Ability to investigate incidents.


  • Implementation of customized alerts to the business or network team for handling incidents that could result in revenue loss.
  • Business

Networks and Security:

  • Apache


  • Own web servers and in-house applications.
  • Creation of a centralized platform for key indicators for the company.

  • Custom report generation.

  • Alerting platform with integration capabilities to various corporate systems.

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