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Quality Policy

PANORAMA TECHNOLOGIES is a company providing high-value-added professional services, and its activities include:

– Information Services.

– Infrastructure and facility support and maintenance activities.

– Managed services: monitoring, administration, supervision, and operation of client platforms.

Our scope of operation is national, with a primary focus on the Community of Madrid.

PANORAMA TECHNOLOGIES understands, communicates, and reviews the Quality and Information Security Management System (SGCSI) implemented within the organization, ensuring its continuous adequacy and improvement. To achieve this, the company’s management defines the following strategic lines of action:

  1. Constant adaptation and renewal in accordance with technological developments and customer demand, incorporating new features and technical solutions available in the market through the creation of a specific area for technological innovation in the cloud.
  2. Customization of work and customer interactions, with a commitment to ensuring that all services provided to them meet each and every one of their requirements. This ensures maximum satisfaction of their needs while maintaining clear communication and information about the services, solutions, and processes used.
  3. Information security associated with its services is one of the key factors in carrying out its activities, aiming to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. This involves protecting data and information systems against unauthorized access and unauthorized modifications.
  4. We are actively working on improving our system in accordance with the National Security Scheme (ENS).

These guidelines, which define the current quality and information security policy, go beyond the simple commitment of the management to ensure compliance with all applicable legal regulations in its activity. Additionally, it ensures the continued implementation of the SGCSI within the organization. To achieve this, the company commits to planning the SGCSI, meeting the overall quality and information security objectives, defining responsibilities and allocating necessary resources, providing suitable working conditions for all staff, ensuring appropriate communication and review processes, and embracing a philosophy of continuous improvement in the effectiveness of this system while maintaining its integrity.

Therefore, PANORAMA TECHNOLOGIES management considers and declares the following quality and information security objectives:

– Achieving full satisfaction of customer expectations and needs through a commitment to meeting legal requirements, applicable regulations, and other previously agreed-upon requirements (contractual or voluntary), with a special focus on those established by information security legislation: orders, contracts, and offers.

– Providing a quality-based service, adapting and renewing its offerings according to market demand, through a continuous system based on analysis, prevention, and continuous improvement, both in the delivery and installation of equipment and in technical support.

– Offering specialized products and services through proven and tested suppliers, allowing the satisfaction of customer expectations, promoting maximum motivation and commitment to the quality of our external suppliers and collaborators.

– Ensuring business continuity regarding information security by protecting critical processes against significant failures or disasters.

– Providing a trusted and value-added service to customers through our experience, our SGCSI based on ISO 9001:2015, and UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2014.

To achieve these objectives, the company’s management leads and drives the execution of the following actions:

– Establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient system based on the requirements of UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2014, planned and developed through a set of procedures and records.

– Within the framework of this system, the determination of the conformity of work to legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements will always be supported by objective results and evidence.

– Encouraging all Panorama employees to make this policy their way of working, directing all efforts toward error prevention rather than control and correction.

The company is committed to continuously improving the implemented Quality and Information Security Management System through periodic reviews, the establishment of objectives, and improvement actions, providing the necessary resources for this purpose.