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A financial company achieves monitoring of its core systems, reducing incidents by creating an investigation and alerting platform

Executive Summary

The financial company began with a proof of concept in which incidents were detected that other technologies could not identify. With the development of the project, Splunk has become a technology that is part of its daily operations, providing visibility at multiple levels of the company’s hierarchy, starting with department directors. Likewise, the company applied its own rules to detect possible fraud.

Use Cases
Impacted Areas
Integrated data sources
Results and achievements
  • Detection of network incidents that required advanced statistics to be applied.

  • Correlation of events from multiple sources that were generating silos between development and production environments.

  • Integration of the company’s own applications, developed in-house.

Monitoring and Detection:

  • Integration with the company’s network devices.

  • Comprehensive monitoring with investigative capabilities.

  • Reduction in investigation times by 20%.

Advanced Statistics on Transactions:

  • Application of advanced statistics to transactional information.

  • Ability to anonymize information, complying with industry regulations and standards for data processing.

  • Generation of custom business rules for fraud detection.

    • Business.

    • Information Security.

    • Fraud (business area).

    Operating System:

    • Linux

    • Windows


    • Banking transactions.

    • In-house developed applications; multiple programming languages, platforms, and operating systems.

    • Monitoring of business and transactional processes, with the ability to apply customized statistics using Splunk modules and Machine Learning.

    • Reduction in Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) by at least ~20%.

    • Creation of an investigation platform that allows root cause investigation of possible network incidents in minutes.

    • Integration with the company’s own applications, an achievement that no other platform had accomplished in two years.

    • Integration with existing alerting systems with the internal network monitoring team.

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