What is Observability and its importance for end-to-end visibility of IT infrastructures? 

We are honored to receive the Partner of the Year award from Vectra ai for our work during 2021.

We are convinced that the security challenges faced by companies are becoming increasingly complex, which requires a qualified channel that inspires confidence in its customers.

Vectra ai (NDR- Network Detection and Response) is a solution in which its scope is the entire network and does not require agents; its traffic is converted into metadata aligned by artificial intelligence to identify the attackers’ own behaviors.

It eliminates noise by identifying and highlighting with scores the devices with the highest threat level so that they can be addressed and integrates with the client’s solutions such as SIEM or SOAR to provide the appropriate response flows.

Additionally, it is the only vendor in its NDR category with more patents referenced by the Mitre Defend framework.

If you are interested in:

    • Reducing the risk of a breach by proactively stopping attacks and incidents.
    • Improving the efficiency of security operations, moving from noise to focus on alerts that reveal real threats.
    • Achieve and maintain governance and compliance.
    • Extend security to the cloud, hybrid or public cloud native.