Vectra Al

Network Detection and Response (NDR) cybersecurity platform powered by artificial intelligence. 100% at the service of detecting malicious behavior found within the cloud, data center, IoT and networks.

  • Detects and stops threats BEFORE they cause damage.
  • Creates unique algorithmic models to obtain a wide range of threat scenarios.
  • Identify and investigate from a physical, virtual, IaaS, SaaS environment by extracting metadata from network traffic and logs.
  • Real-time incident prioritization and alerting.
  • Integrates with SIEM and EDR to strengthen the SOC.
  • Eliminates noise that causes false positives.

“Did you know that 39 cyberattacks happen every second?”
Prevention doesn’t provide all the coverage you need

Detection and response platform

Cognito Detect for Network

  • Identifies attacker behavior patterns
  • Converts and automates individual alerts into incidents
  • Prioritizes hosts and accounts that need immediate attention
  • Has complete post-intrusion coverage for all phases of attacks


Cognito Detect for Microsoft Office 365

  • Understands attacker behavior and privileged accounts, in SaaS applications allowing you to stop breaches
  • Tracks attacker activity between on premise, IaaS and SaaS all from one place
  • Enriches security data from Microsoft without deploying agents

Cognito Recall

  • Achieves full visibility using cloud logs and APIs
  • Integrates with other security solutions
  • Finds threats that have been overlooked during detection
  • Identifies and classifies compliance gaps


  • Visualizes and reports on security policy posture

Cognito Stream

  • It is enriched with security information to create models for detections and investigations


  • All threat behaviors are correlated across the data infrastructure, including cloud, data center, IOT and networks


  • Achieves conclusive investigations with customized models, based on device and host identity so you are not limited to IP addresses alone

Despite strong network perimeter defenses, cyber attackers will always find a way in.

Would you like to automate the detection and response to cyber threats and stop security breaches, to protect your data?