DevSecOps segment leader

  • Automatically manage open-source risk
  • Fix bugs quickly with step-by-step instructions
  • No false positives = happy developers

  • Develop applications faster and with less risk

Did you know that 1 out of every 8 open-source software (OSS) components downloaded contains vulnerabilities that put your company’s security at risk?

There is no need to take these risks in order to shorten application development time as much as possible. Sonatype Nexus products allow companies to develop their applications much faster, while ensuring constant monitoring of the quality of their components once they are in production.


  • Identify and continuously remove any dangerous components at each stage of development.
  • Obtain detailed information about the components and perform tests, preventing errors and vulnerabilities from passing to successive phases of the development cycle.
  • Allows you to create policies to manage component usage.


  • Analyzes any application and produces a report on the open-source components it is composed of, vulnerabilities and possible remediation.
  • Allows for qualitative information on the security and licensing of each component.
  • Allows constant monitoring of applications in production in order to identify new vulnerabilities that are incorporated into the components used.


  • Automatically prevent downloading of dangerous components from any public repository
  • Identifies and quarantines suspicious components before they enter the production cycle.
  • Ensures the security of updates to applications already in production.


  • Manages artifacts and creates components at any stage of the development lifecycle.
  • Manages binary artifacts in a central location.
  • Supports all common formats: Maven/Java, NuGet, npn, RubyGems, Docker, OBR, P2, APT, YUM, etc.


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