Financial sector company identifies failures in the response times of the transactional flow of applications oriented to online payments and ATM transactions.


Company in the financial sector with nationwide presence, in charge of a wide network of ATMs and banking correspondents. It focuses its work on the development and technological support of electronic channels through which banking transactions are carried out, for its own channels and for other entities in the Colombian financial sector and abroad. They use Splunk to monitor the transactional flow of applications oriented to online payments and ATM transactions.

Focused on having real-time visibility of operations and making proactive decisions with the statistics provided. Thinking of the end customer as the main beneficiary to be able to provide information about declines in their procedures.



  • Identification of meshed failures in process > 5 minutes.
  • Obtain diverse dashboards to operate and carry out processes monitoring.
  • Stop carrying out manual processes to validate statistics received via email and flat documents.
  • Obtain monitoring of mesh processes below 10%.
  • Obtain reports which allow decision taking proactively and not reactively.

Use Cases


  • Payment gateway monitoring.
  • Critical service and transaction status monitoring.
  • Percentage thresholds with color-coded alert notification for corresponding incident management.
  • Status of critical services vs. time.
  • Color-coded alert level according to type of transaction (informative or error).
  • Real-time availability analysis of critical services, applications and servers.
  • Percentage of declinations in each module of the invoice payment portal, according to defined thresholds.
  • Statistical analysis of invoice payment errors.
  • Transactional flow analytics.
  • Transaction status analysis of a specific ID, determining complete transaction flow.
  • Daily analytics of payroll uploading.
  • Validate the daily detail of the Billing Status.
  • File upload status change.
  • Monitoring of the time it takes to change a file upload status, to verify that the platform is ok in real time.

Impacted Areas:


  • Monitoring
  • Business

Integrated Data Sources

  • Databases
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  •  Logs
  • .txt
  • .csv
  • Windows and Linux Operating System Logs
  • Network Protocols
  • UDP
  • SNMP


Splunk Enterprise

Results and achievements

Infrastructure and operations management:
Proactively monitor to ensure uptime, quickly identify and resolve problems:

  • Visualization of 20 processes to 280 batch processes per day.
  • 15 minutes to 1 minute error detection.
  • Decrease Operational Risk from 55 to 6 cases per year.
  • Process automation from 576 steps to 4 steps.
  • Infrastructure monitoring of previous and productive environments, Transactional flow (declines vs. successes, reversals, etc).

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