Monitoring, data analytics, operation intelligence and cybersecurity platform that allows capturing from any source, indexing, centralizing and correlating data in real time in a search repository to generate reports, graphs, alerts, visualizations and dashboards from a physical, virtual or cloud technology platform.


Pioneers in the vulnerability management IT market such as the creator of Nessus, today is the most implemented solution of IT vulnerabilities assessment in the world.

Due to increasing seriousness and frequency of cyberattacks which commonly happen owing to the lack of basic cybernetic security, IT devices assessment to detect problems has never been more important.


Powerful cloud-native monitoring tool created for data centralization. It enables visual unification of servers, clouds, metrics and applications allowing monitoring of infrastructure, applications and services regardless of the type of cloud used, whether private or Amazon Web Services (AW), Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure allowing both engineering and operations teams to have visibility into a single dashboard.


Leading company in the DevSecOps segment, to ensure that any of its applications can be developed with less risk and in a faster way.

Sonatype provides a robust, flexible and easy-to-configure solution with a repository such as: Maven, Python, .Net, which thanks to its firewall and security modules becomes a complete tool providing security for all types of companies.

Vectra AI

Network Detection and Response (NDR) cybersecurity platform powered by artificial intelligence. 100% at the service of detecting malicious behavior found within the cloud, data center, IoT and networks.