Cloud monitoring as a service

  • Data centralization
  • Visual unification of clouds, servers, metrics and applications
  • Visualize traffic flow in cloud-native environments
  • Receive alerts on any metric.

Build interactive dashboard in real time

  • Easily customize views.
  • View graphics in real time
  • Filter data by host, device or any other tag.
  • Calculate rates, ratios, averages, etc.


    With over 350 integrations, Datadog seamlessly integrates metrics and events throughout the DevOps cycle:


    • SaaS and Cloud Providers
    • Automation tools
    • Monitoring and instrumentation
    • Source control and error tracking
    • Databases and common server components

      Monitoring Pillars

      • Infrastructure
      • Application Performance Management (APM)
      • Log Management
      • Synthetics
      • Real-time users
      • Network


        Datadog is designed to give visibility to all teams:

        • Discuss issues in context with production data.
        • Note changes and notify your team
        • See who responded to that alert previously.
        • Remember what was done to fix it

          Datadog will cause impact by:

          • Obtain rapid scalability
          • Correlate metrics/events
          • Optimize resources efficiency
          • Improve alignment between business and DevOps.

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